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  Shed Demo     Step 1: Empty-out the Shed It's easier to tear down an empty shed than a full shed.  Store those items you wish to save.  This is also great time to go through unneeded or broken items. Three (3) piles should do:  1. donate/recycle, 2. hazardous, and 3. demo/trash. Step 2: Inside Shed Fixtures Prior to the demo, remove any wall fixtures, shelving, or storage accessories. This will make for a safer demo execution. Step 3: Roof Dismantling The roof is the place to start. When tearing down the shed, you want to work top-to-bottom.   Shingled roofs may be brittle and stuck together, so they will tear when removed.  Strip from top-to-bottom and use a screwdriver or crowbar to take off any loose screws. Once you have stripped the roof all the way to the bare wood, remove any remaining nails holding the roof where attached to the trusses or walls. Be careful as the walls of the shed do not immediately fall when the roof is removed. You will have to dismantle th
  What cant go into our dumpsters?             Find this helpful video on our youtube channel.  If you ever have any questions about what can or can't go into a bin you can ask us here or give us a call. Phone number (330) 386-7783